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How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe for Fashionistas

Capsule wardrobes are versatile and easy to wear pieces. You can reduce the time it takes to decide on an outfit because everything works with each other. More importantly, you can reduce the amount of pieces you own in the closet! 

So I decided to start working on my own capsule wardrobe and write a guide while I am at it :)

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Step 1- Plan

How long do you want to go before you have to do the laundry? One week, two weeks or maybe three weeks? Write down the number of outfits you will need for the duration. Here is an example. Mary is 35 years old and does not have children. She works 5 days a week and exercises 3 days a week. She runs errands once a week. And she goes out with her friends once every 2 weeks.

Mary will need 5 work outfits, 3 exercise outfits, 1 errand outfit, 0.5 dressy casual outfit, and 7 house outfits for when she gets off work, every week. Double that, if Mary wants to do her laundry once every 2 weeks. So, she will need 10 work, 6 exercise, 2 errands, 1 dressy casual, and 7 house outfits.

Step 2- Pick Your Outfits

This is the fun part! Look into your wardrobe and pull out the above number of outfits. Of course, you can also add in a couple of favorite outfits.

Keep in mind that exercise outfits need to be washed every time, but your jeans might be able to go 2 or 3 wears before it needs to be washed. So, if work allows jeans, you can use one pair for three different work days. Same thing goes for tops. Maybe you can wear that cardigan or blouse in a few different outfits. You can plan your jewelry and accessories here as well.

Generally, it is a good idea to stick to a color theme that works with each other. Shop for items that would work in more than one outfits. 

Step 3- Put Everything Else Away

Once you have your new capsule wardrobe, put everything else away! Under the bed, in the winter closet, or in storage. If you found ill fitting pieces or they're falling apart, this is a good time to recycle or donate them.

Step 4- Enjoy & Reevaluate

Enjoy your new & clean capsule wardrobe! It only has what you need to wear in it and so it feels great to look at it. If you are missing a certain piece from storage, go ahead and add that piece back in. If a piece ends up not feeling right or you just don't wear it, rotate it out of your wardrobe. If you don't miss anything in your storage after a year... you know those pieces can find new good homes!

Repeat this process every time season and weather changes.

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