My Story

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I was the baby and have one older sister and one older brother. My siblings both have gone to America for college. After secondary school, I really wanted to get away as well.

I came to Utah, USA for college at age 17. I went through half a decade of intense rebellion and discovering myself. I found my significant other, Jason, soon after and we went to college together. I majored in Finance because I've always been ambitious (I am a Slytherin).

(When I just came to Utah at age 17, 2009)

Fast forward to marriage, graduation, and some off years living aboard later, I find myself helping my dad's business selling things on Amazon and eBay. I was good at it, so I wanted to have my own business where I'm the boss. Since I'm a fashionista at heart, opening a boutique was my first choice. With a small loan from my parents, I joined a network marketing clothing company in July 2017.

With no experience or network at all, I started turning a profit a few months in. I achieved top 20 buyer status within 1 year. I paid off my loan in 1.5 years. I attended a convention in Vegas, and was invited to a exclusive dinner with other top buyers. It was a defining experience. From my time at this company, I grew immensely in business knowledge, fashion taste, self esteem, confidence, and I got to know and be friends with a lot of amazing American women. 

(Me and my boutique bestie Melinda in Vegas, 2018)

After the company got itself into financial trouble, and new inventory dried up, I decided to leave and create my own boutique, and truly be my own boss in October 2019. There was a lot of drama and negativity with that company, and I was glad to leave it behind.

Today, I am still learning more on how to be an independent boutique owner. I love running my boutique and bringing in the best styles. Every box of new arrivals is so fun and exciting!

(I was naturalized as a US citizen, 2020)

My life focus is currently on self improvement. I spend my time working at my own business that I love, doing yoga, spending time with my family (board games, puzzles and video games), and life is great! My long term goals are to buy a house and living abroad a few months a year.

Thank you for reading my story! I love America and my new friends. You are always welcome to send me a friend request and chat with me on Facebook!